What is a ZapScore?

Here at Zappenin, we believe passionately that businesses that demonstrate “authentic social activity” are better for consumers.  Why?  Because these businesses are choosing to commit time & resources to interact with their customers beyond simply advertising.  This can take the form of responding to customer questions & complaints, showcasing past work, announcing events, sharing photos & video and more.  In general, being authentically socially active means a business is “out there” & willing to publicly interact with existing & potential customers.  It also means that their activity is shared, retweeted, pinned, liked and favorited.

To capture, analyze, monitor & compare this activity, Zappenin calculates what we fondly call a ZapScore for each business.  Think of the ZapScore as the aggregation of hundreds of individual social signals for each business.  These signals are then processed using our proprietary methods to produce a single score… a number between 0 & 100… for each business.  The higher the ZapScore, the more socially active is the business.


ZapScores are not static.  A business can go from being socially-inactive to socially-active, and vice versa.  Some times this can be dramatic, and other times the change is slight.  To account for this, Zappenin is regularly monitoring each business’s social activity signals & recalculating the ZapScore.  This allows businesses who have not historically participated in social media to join the party.

How Zappenin Uses ZapScore

A business’s ZapScore is important because it is the #1 contributor to how businesses rank on Zappenin when consumers are searching.  For instance, if you are a landscaping company in Columbus, Ohio, you may be one of almost 100 possible choices for consumers.  Having a higher ZapScore ranks businesses higher on the list.  (Go ahead and check!)  This, in turn, means more consumers will see, trust and contact businesses with a higher ZapScore.

ZapScore Reports

Zappenin shares with businesses ways that they can improve their ZapScore.  While the algorithm is a secret, the ways to improve are not.  We want businesses to be (authentically) socially active.  So we provide tips, suggestions, comparisons with peers, and other valuable inputs to help businesses achieve this goal.


So if you are a business owner, make sure your business is (1) on Zappenin, and (2) we know the locations of your social media presences.  We’ll do the rest.  You can claim your business listing here.