Facebook & Twitter in the Home Services Category

One of the cool things about being a socially-focused yellow page site is that we get to analyze the social data of the businesses on Zappenin.

In this quick analysis, we looked at the usage of Facebook pages & Twitter accounts across several popular Home Services categories.  Namely, we looked at 13,385 businesses across the U.S. in these seven Home Services categories:

The results are interesting:


Surprisingly, within each category, the percentage of businesses with a Facebook page was almost exactly the same as those with a Twitter account.  However two categories, Furnace Repair & Plumbing, had a far larger % of socially-active businesses than the remaining five.  The lowest socially active category was Electricians.

Below you can see the percentage adoption across all 7 social networks we currently monitor on Zappenin.



After Facebook & Twitter, Pinterest was the next most heavily used network followed closely by Google+.

One Ad Per Page

Many yellow page websites litter every page with advertisements… 3, 4, 5 or more on each page. It makes it hard to find the information amidst all of the clutter.  Here at Zappenin, there is at most one (1) advertisement on each webpage.  We don’t want Zappenin to end up looking like Las Vegas.